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Women still Taxed

Japanese are known for many things. As of now, Japan is one of the leading first world countries, and is also idolized for their advancement in technology and other things which some other countries have been held back from. Unfortunately, Japan is not very proud of their past as many know that during world war II, there was a rise in something called Japan comfort women. What exactly are these comfort women? These are the women who basically forced into slavery by the Japanese imperial army. These comfort women are very unfortunate, since unlike regular day prostitutes, these women were not given a choice but to be slaves of sexual sorts. “Comfort women,” as Japan refers to them, are the females who were forced into sexual servitude for the nation’s wartime forces, and they have also been a constant source of controversy since the early 1990s, when the media started to take a serious look at their ordeal. Although for those survivors who have stayed quiet all these years to the harsh treatment of the government and Japanese army, these women are now speaking up and making a name for themselves.
These comfort women have recently again become a focus of debate in Japan, helping to fuel a diplomatic row with South Korea amid speculation that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might be trying to rewrite history. The women are trying their best to get back or at least seek justice for all that have been done to them.

There has now been a foundation put up called the WCCW or the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues, who believe that the Japanese Government must clearly acknowledge and take responsibility over what they have done to these Japanese comfort women. Also that the government should apologize and have a fund for these women alone. All donations to the WCCW are tax deductible. This is because of it being a foundation that cares for not only women’s rights but justice as well. Also this organization is tax deductible, since it had been considered as a charity, meaning all donations are seen as gifts to charity, allowing them to be tax deductible. Comfort2

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