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Weird tax deductions

It has been said here that some tax deductions may or may not make yours look dull. It may seem as if these tax deductions are weird and a little bit different from the rest, but i assure you they are at least funny. I guess in some cases it may be okay for dull to be good like on your tax returns, but if your facts end up to then be right and you feel like going out of the box, these are some additional weird deductions taxpayers managed to spread the word about.

Free Beer is something which is in a promotional scheme that probably would not be attempted today, the owner of a gas station had actually decided that patrons would rather have beer than trading stamps. He then deducted the beer as a business expense. The IRS had after denied the deductions and he went to Tax Court where the court ruled the deductions were then considered as acceptable and proper.

Home Design Costs are included here as well. Home office deductions are notoriously scrutinized and looked down upon so it might then surprise you to find that someone deducted the costs of your home design and decorating. See your bathroom if it needs some fixing up. But then if you are able to meet the special hurdles to claiming home office expenses, you can as well. In Langer v. Commissioner, a sole proprietor regularly met clients in his home office.

He then kept up the place in part to make it suitable for that use. It was beautifully created and it was decorated to the nines. It was not at all deductible, but when the IRS had then denied his deductions he was able to prevail in the ever so famous Tax Court. The court had then said that he could deduct part of the costs of landscaping and the property coinciding with the part of the home he used for business as well. The court even allowed a deduction for a portion of the costs of lawn care and driveway repairs as an inclusion.

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