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Taxes to charity for our women


Taxes are not a foreign thing to us, especially for the rich or more wealthy side of our community. It has come to no surprise that one way or another, we all have to pay or contribute to our land by paying these very unfortunate taxes which of course comes from our own hard work. Taxes, by definition, would then be known as an involuntary fee levied on corporations or individuals that is enforced by a level of government in order to finance government activities. This is just a basic bubble gum description of what taxes are. To cut to the chase, apparently, it is inevitable to pay them. Whether or not the government itself owes you something, you will still need to pay these taxes with no exemption or even a little compensation. For those of you who know of comfort women, I’m sure you then get my point. Among all of those who deserve exemption from at least something as minimal as taxes from a few women, these are the people who deserve it.

The US comfort women who were never acknowledged by the government, not mention the fact that they were not even paid back in a way for what they suffered, they still need to pay their taxes. The only thing they asked for was a little compensation, and they get literally nothing. It is sad given the fact that even charities which have been put up by them supporting and fighting for the comfort women, have not been exempted from these taxes. The most heartless thing to see is the fact that a bunch of women who are old and have suffered are now still paying the price even through their charities. I guess we now know that not all charities are tax exempted. Not to mention charities for a great cause.