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Tax exemption and rules

For you to be able to avail for a tax exempt status, non stock, and non profit organizations are required to be able to secure confirmatory rulings or things such as certificates of tax exemption which should come from the Bureau of Internal Revenue or more known as the BIR. The tax exemption privileges which are of these organizations are not really absolute if that is what you are thinking, and this is because it does not cover all types of income and activities as well. Now for tax exempt corporations which are usually found or listed under Section 30 of the 1997 National Internal Revenue Code, as amended, are the exempt from income tax, this is apart from those whose income was earned from activities and were conducted for profit. However, the tax exemption which is granted under the law is also not exactly automatic and absolute, which is what people usually mistake.

Now to add, the RMO is the one that provides the following causes of revocation of the tax exemption certificate or ruling. Some of these are if there are material changes in the character, in the purpose, or in the method of operation of the corporation or of the association which are more or usually inconsistent with the basis for income tax exemption and which are confirmed in the tax exemption ruling. Next would be the on renewal and non revalidation of the tax exemption certificate. And lastly if the corporation which has been issued a tax exemption ruling fails to file something known as an annual information return. There are also several different approaches which are supposed to be used in granting exemption to organizations. Different approaches may be used within a jurisdiction or especially within sub-jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions usually grant an overall exemption from taxation to organizations which usually are meeting certain definitions. The United Kingdom, as an example, would provide an exemption from rates or property taxes, and income taxes for entities governed by the Charities Law. Lastly, the overall exemption may be somewhat limited by something known as the limited scope for taxation by the jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions may levy or rely only a single type of tax exemption from only a particular tax.


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