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Strangely Legit Tax Deductions

Strangely Legit Tax Deductions



If you are looking for tax deductions. I’m sure you are searching everywhere for these and you obviously want to follow in the footsteps of those who have done well when it has come to the taxation time. We of course would also want to avoid those unnecessary challenges which keep us on a very narrow and straight path. There are some samples for the more adventurous type of people who have actually even gone through the hassle of dealing with the IRS, went to court, and won their case as well. These are two of some of the more adventurous and unusual tax deductions which have actually passed.


Let us start with one that may be a little witty for your spouse. This would be the Payment to your spouse or significant other. There had been a case where a man has unusually hired his live in girlfriend so that she is able to manage all of his rental properties. Her duties would basically involve searching for furniture, watching over all repairs that are being made, and of course the usual running of his personal household. The IRS then considered each pay check which he provided his girlfriend with was not considered a legitimate deduction. He then went to court and won the case stating that a small part of what he paid her was to be considered as a deductible business expense. This is what resulted into making her chores for housekeeping a nondeductible personal service. What we have next would be the Pet food which I would think, will concern all those pet lovers. There was a huge case last year with the IRS and a supposed cat lady. This case appeared all over the media because this cat lady supposedly beat the IRS in her case. This case basically supported claiming the cost of veterinary bills and cat food as charitable contributions. Also cat food was used to attract wild cats which dealt with snake and rat problems found on the person’s property which allowed customers to have a safer junkyard. This is what made cat food a business expense.

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