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Requirements for exemption: Veterans Organization

Requirements for Exemption : Veterans Organization



As we talk about Veterans Organizations, there are some requirements which one has to meet in order to qualify for an exemption in taxes. One would include the fact that the post or the organization of either past of present have members of the United States Armed Forces or better known as the USAF. Next would be an auxiliary of the unit and society of such the post or organization this would also include the trust or foundation would be for such a post or organization as well. By obtaining all of these, you will be exempted of your taxes under the revenue code section 501( c )(19). This applies generally. Now let us revert back to the Veterans organizations and their requirements in order for them to be able to meet the tax exemption requirements. It and all of it’s possessions must be organized in the United States itself. Another would be the fact that at least 70% of it’s members must have been or still currently is a member in the United States Armed Forces. With that said, at least 97.5% of it’s members must be members previously or presently of the USAF, having the position of Cadets (even college students who may have an ROTC program), spouses, widowers, ancestors, or lineal descendants should also be cadets. The organization must then be operated for the following purposes only:


–          Being able to promote social welfare to the community, mainly for the common good and welfare of the people in the community.

–          Assisting the war veterans and seniors who are needy and members of the USAF as well.

–          Providing entertainment or care to the veterans who are hospitalized or are members of the USAF as well.

–          To have programs which will promote the life of the veterans who have passed and were possibly members of the USAF

–           Conducting religious programs or charitable programs or anything which relates to educational processes.

–          Sponsor and take part in patriotic activities

These are just a few of the requirements for the Veterans organization to pass for tax exemption.


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