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Charity for Women


Back when World War II was still evident, men from the Japanese imperial army came up with this horrible scheme. They decided that it would be a good idea to extort women and use them. This was called turning them into comfort women. Many of these girls were taken from different countries. A fee of the countries where the women were taken were Japan, Vietnam, China, Philippines, and the United states. The US comfort women were then used as slaves and prostitutes. The women were tricked by the soldiers by being offered certain incentives like cash or jobs, in order to capture them and use them. Some of the women were just taken from their homes. These comfort women were controlled by the US government, and were tested every now and then for STDs. The poor women were used for sexual favors by the us servicemen and this was a requirement for the women. These poor defenseless women were not given a choice. Most of those who served were even Korean women. What makes matters worse is the fact that the government officials are the ones planning all of this, and even putting up camps to treat the women who are found with STDs. They had to conduct a thorough investigation because the women who survived are filing a lawsuit because after the war, they decided that it was time to fight for their rights. The women have even asked for help as a form of charity to help support their case. These women needed to put up certain charities in order for them to pay for all the research, evidence, and lawyers to help support their lawsuit. Their charity was good since they were able to attract people through their sympathy.  Through the charities, the comfort women have had the chance to fight for what they deserve, and that is justice. Their charities have given them at chance at what they have wanted for a long time. The women are able to receive the sympathy and donations from the people, by pleading their case and sharing their story through projects they have arranged with their charity. Finally, they had gotten their chance at justice and peace through the help of others


Images from: koreasparkling and  youtube